Did we mention it is free?

  • Automatically back up data to the cloud
    (when an internet connection is available)

  • Recover data in the case of a lost or damaged mobile device

  • View data from the Aero desktop web application


($99 USD annually/mobile device)

Includes all of the features of Aero Basic.
All enabled mobile devices require a Pro license.

  • Instantly sync data across all devices, allowing:
    - combine operators or truckers to choose the truck destination
    - managers to create or edit fields, trucks, destinations, etc.
    - merging of data from multiple grain carts running Libra Cart
    - real-time viewing of yields and totals

    (when an internet connection is available)

  • Generate advanced reports

  • Third-party API integrations

  • View, edit and manage data from mobile devices and the Aero desktop web application

How to Create an Aero Account

Important Note:

Only one Aero account is needed

per farm. Additional users can be

added in the "Users" tab.


Click "Sign in with Google." Enter your Google Account Information. If you do not already have a Google Account, click "Create Account." Once you are redirected to the Aero web app, create an Aero account by clicking "click here to create a new account."


Multiple users (grain carts, trucks, combines, etc.) can connect to your Aero account using independent Google Accounts. To add users to your Aero account, go to the User's page within the Aero web app and click "add+."


To upgrade your Aero account to the Pro version, click the "Upgrade to Pro" on the Accounts page using the Aero desktop web application.


Open the Libra app on your mobile device and go to the "More" tab followed by the "Cloud" tab. Sign into the Aero account using one of the associated Google Accounts. Each user is assigned to only one mobile device at one time.