Libra Cart

Grain cart scale and harvest management system

"This is an incredibly simple technology that makes a grain cart scale into something useful."

- Rob Stone, Davidson, SK

"It works flawlessly! It’s truly an amazing product."

- Jared VanBlaricum, Noble, IL

"Love my Libra Cart. I wouldn’t want to be without it."

- Tom Roden, Casselton, ND

"I've really enjoyed using the app. It's made harvest life much, much easier."

- Zach Hunnicutt, Giltner, NE

Simplify harvest data collection

The Libra Cart hardware connects to your grain cart’s load cells and wirelessly communicates with the Libra Cart app through Bluetooth®.

It automatically detects and records every unload from your grain cart without additional sensors, providing accurate, real-time harvest data on your tablet or smartphone — no need to press any buttons or write anything down.

Automatic Unload Detection

Automatically saves the date, time, GPS location*, and weight of every unload

*if mobile device supports GPS

Records Offline

Collects and saves harvest data into the app whether or not your mobile device is connected to the Internet

Moisture Sensor Compatible

Update the moisture manually or automatically with a compatible moisture sensor available through Agrimatics distributors

"Libra Cart was within 1% of actual bushels harvested. Pretty damn impressed."

- Jeff Miller, Mt. Vernon, SD

Install in minutes

Plug and Play! Mounts directly onto your cart and connects to any industry-standard load cells.


No cables across the hitch, making it easy to switch tractors

Powered by 12V or Battery

Outlasts the harvest season for most farms on a single battery (included), or can be optionally powered by 12V

Easy to Calibrate

Uses a certified weight from the elevator or a trusted scale for quick calibration

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Reduce cab clutter

Compatible with both iOS and Android, Libra Cart is app-based and uses a mobile device instead of a traditional indicator, clearing up valuable space in the cab.


Easy to use for operators of all ages and technological skill level. Details can be easily edited right in the app to correct mistakes or add notes

Access New Features

Update new app features and firmware right from your mobile device

Track inventory and get valuable insights

Track the whole harvest process. Know exactly how much came off each field, where it went, and how much is left in your bins, so you are never guessing or overselling.

Conduct field trials by comparing yields so that you can have confidence in knowing what products will get you the most out of your land.

Track Fields, Trucks, Destinations

View totals and weight transactions for every field, truck, and destination (bins, bags, elevators, contracts)

Manage Inventory

Transfer amounts from one destination to another to track what has been moved or sold

"Thanks to Agrimatics, every truck leaves the field legally loaded."

- Landon Friesen, Crystal City, MB

Calibrate the combine’s yield monitor

View live weights and individually tare from other devices within Bluetooth® range to keep an eye on things or easily calibrate the yield monitor in the combine.

Get more with the cloud

View and edit all totals and weight transactions from remote devices in the truck, combine, or anywhere with Cloud Pro.

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Protect your harvest data and manage it from anywhere

Export your detailed harvest records at any time. Share to crop insurance agents, agronomists, or others on your farm.

The cloud service automatically backs up your harvest data to keep it secure. Access it and edit it from anywhere, download harvest reports, connect to other farm software platforms, and more!

Free and Pro versions available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Libra Cart system connects to existing grain cart scales/load cells and replaces an existing scale indicator with a mobile device. You cannot use both the indicator and our app at the same time. The load cell and power connectors are both 4-pin AMP. Depending on your existing setup, you may require an adapter cable. If you have any questions, contact your dealer or us.

Yes, we have distributors who are scale experts and can provide retrofit kits for your grain cart.

USA: Central City Scale (
Canada: Triple Star Manufacturing. (
Australia: Hawk Engineering (

Certainly! With Serial Link, you can easily connect to standard external scoreboard displays. Simply pair it with your Libra Cart device to view grain weights displayed in real-time on the scoreboard. See Add-Ons and Accessories for more information.

Libra Cart is powered using either a 3.6V AA lithium battery (included), a 1.5V AA lithium battery, or 12V power (power cable sold separately). If using a battery, for maximum battery life, use a 3.6V AA.

The Libra Cart app is compatible with both phones and tablets running iOS 12 or newer and Android devices running versions 9 or newer with at least 2GB of RAM.

We recommend a tablet for the primary mobile device in the grain cart as it has a larger screen and can be easily mounted in the cab. Phones are great for remote displays from the combine or truck.

The Libra Cart app uses very little storage space on your mobile device. When choosing a mobile device, the minimum set storage capacity is sufficient; it just depends on what else you want to use it for (photos, movies, music, etc.).

No, our system does not require cellular data or Wi-Fi. It will collect harvest data whether or not your mobile device has an Internet connection. Once you have coverage, you can share your harvest data via email and automatically to the cloud service.
An Internet connection is required to sync all harvest data from the mobile device in the grain cart to other mobile devices in real-time, either through a cellular plan or a Wi-Fi hotspot.

No, the operator does not need to tap Unload or Save. Libra Cart defaults to have automatic unload detection ON and will automatically save the date, time, weight and location of each grain cart unload. Optionally, the system can run in manual mode, in which Unload and Save on the main app display would need to be used.

The date, time, weight and location of each unload are automatically detected and recorded in the Libra Cart app, so it doesn't matter if you unload the entire grain cart at once or halfway; everything is accounted for. For smaller unloads (less than 1000 lbs), manual Unload and Save on the main app display can be used.

The Libra Cart app does need to be running to collect and store your harvest data; however, it can operate in the background without any interruption to your data if you need to take a call or use another app. We do recommend leaving the app in the foreground as much as possible.

All harvest data is stored in the Libra Cart app and automatically backs up to the cloud service when an Internet connection is available. Harvest data can be exported via email or the cloud service website.

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