App features

  • Automatic Unload Detection

    Libra Cart automatically detects and records how much grain has been unloaded from your cart.

  • Unlimited Remotes

    Every paired mobile device within range of the Libra Cart device can view live weights. Calibrate the yield monitor right from the combine.

  • Data Sharing

    Harvest data can be shared through email and through the Aero cloud service to keep data secure and provide access from anywhere.

  • Display Smoothing

    Display Smoothing stabilizes weights when driving over rough terrain.

  • Track Field, Truck, Destination, and Commodity

    The app allows you to create an unlimited number of fields, trucks, destinations, and commodities.

  • Log Transfer Locations

    If your mobile device supports GPS, Libra Cart automatically records the location of each load.

  • Configurable Units

    You can choose to display the weights in pounds (lb), kilograms (kg) or bushels (bu).

  • Manage Your Data

    Libra Cart makes editing your data simple. Details are easily edited right in the app to correct mistakes or add notes.

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