Our patented Libra Cart device connects wirelessly to all in-range mobile devices, providing world-class indicator displays to the entire team. Wireless and battery-operated means that it's simple to install, and our power-efficient design means you can easily get through a season without having to replace the battery. Our rugged design can handle extreme temperatures, vibration, mud, sun, rain and snow. Our current feature set includes:

  • Easy Install

    Libra Cart mounts directly onto your grain cart and connects to industry-standard load cells through the junction box.

  • Wireless

    Libra Cart wirelessly communicates with the Libra Cart app, so there are no cables between the tractor and the grain cart.

  • Battery-operated

    Libra Cart is very energy efficient and outlasts the harvest season for most farms on a single battery (3.6V AA lithium).

  • Weatherproof

    Libra Cart is built to withstand extreme temperatures and high vibrations.

  • Over-the-air-updates

    You can update the software from your mobile device, so you can always take advantage of the latest features.

  • Remote Diagnostics

    Libra Cart is designed to just work. If problems do arise, remote diagnostic capabilities help us get you running.

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