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    A Nutrient Balanced Ration With Every Bite

    Agrimatics recently entered into the livestock industry with our new ration weighing and data management solution, Libra TMR. There are many benefits to using scales on your mixer and feeding your herd a total mixed ration (TMR). We’ve outlined some of these key points below!

    Benefits of Feeding a Total Mixed Ration 

    • Every mouthful contains the proper amount of each ingredient in the ration
      • Lower digestive issues and higher milk production have been seen in TMR rations in comparison to conventional rations
    • Eliminates sorting as a certain ingredient in a ration cannot be consumed more or less than another
    • Hides flavor of less palatable ingredients 

    Benefits of Feed Mixer Scales

    • Accurately loads and blends the exact amount of each ingredient in a ration – no wasted ingredients
    • Avoids the possibility of overfeeding or underfeeding
    • Better productivity and efficiency – saves labor and time with less trips
    • Delivers precise feedings to pens
    • Allows for managing the livestock rations and ingredient inventory more effectively

     To learn more about the new Libra TMR and its features, visit the product page here.

    Posted On: May 30 2017

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    Upcoming Tradeshows 2017

    Come visit us at one of our upcoming tradeshows!

    Canada’s Farm Progress Show
    Regina, Saskatchewan
    June 21-23, 2017

    Ag in Motion
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    July 18-20, 2017

    Farm Progress Show
    Decatur, Illinois
    August 29-31, 2017

    World Dairy Expo
    Madison, Wisconsin
    October 3-7, 2017

    Hanover, Germany
    November 12-18, 2017

    Posted On: May 03 2017